BBQ Maintenance 101

top grilling maintenance tipsAir conditioning on full blast and the smell of grilling in the air can only mean one thing: summer has arrived! Everything in your home needs cleaning from time to time: from your fireplace to your air filter system. To make sure your BBQ is at its best, it’s essential that you clean and maintain your grill. With the following top grill maintenance tips, you can be sure your food will taste great this summer and that your BBQ will continue to work for years to come.

#1: Cleaning the Grill Grate

We recommend letting the grill grate heat up over intense heat for around five minutes. This burns away most of the grit remaining from the previous grilling session. Next use a grill brush to easily clean up the rest.

#2: Use Oil

While this is a debated aspect of grilling, we generally recommend lightly coating the grill grate to prevent food from sticking while cooking. Don’t use too much oil, because this could start a fire flare-up. You can skip this step if you’re cooking something that’s already been oiled.

#3: Which brush to use?

If you have a stainless steel grate, use a brass wire brush. If you have a cast iron grate, use a stainless steel brush.

#4: Cleaning the Ashes

For a charcoal grill, throw out the ashes after they’re completely cool. For a gas grill, regularly clean or change the catch-pan liner after cooking.

#5: Storing Your Grill

Use a water-resistant cover over your grill after every use if you’re storing it outdoors. This will prevent rusting. Be sure to wait until the grill top cools before you cover it.

#6: Thorough Cleanings

Similar to a stove, your grill needs a good cleaning sometimes. Once a year, you should thoroughly clean your grill. If you use it year-round, clean your grill in the Spring and Fall.

#7: Grilling Safety

Being cautious around a BBQ is just as important as cleaning it. Make sure you open the lid before lighting your gas grill. Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from your house, any flammable materials, or home power generators. Don’t add more lighter fluid to speed up the heating process. Store propane tanks outside, away from direct sunlight.

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In the summer, grilling is the number one way to enjoy the sun when outdoor living is at its peak. Maintaining a grill is pretty simple, and there are many rewards to keeping your grill running well. So take some time to clean and make your grill happy, then throw some food on the coals, grab a cold drink from the refrigerator, and relax. Our experts at All Points Heating and Horeco can assist you with anything from HVAC installation and 24/7 repairs to store development or commercial equipment rentals. We aim to be your top choice for your residential and commercial heating and cooling system needs. So, give us a call or email us today!
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