The Best Walk-In Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas

Walk-in Refrigerator Food StorageThe food industry is required to abide by very strict guidelines regarding food storage. To ensure you’re following regulations, and minimizing food waste, be sure to follow these best practices for walk-in refrigerator food storage.

Food Storage Tips

Keep Meats Separate

Meats, including poultry and fish, are susceptible to bacteria growth. This is why they should be kept separate from other perishables. Meats should also be placed on the lowest shelves. When meat is thawing, some of the juice from the meat may thaw and melt. Placement on an upper shelf can cause the liquid to drip down onto the food below, thus causing cross contamination.

Allow Ample Floor Space

All shelving inside a refrigeration unit should at least be six inches off the floor. This protects the items on the lowest shelves from dirt and pests.

First In, First Out

Many restaurants follow the “first in, first out” rule. Make a habit to place older items closer to the entrance. This allows employees to quickly retrieve items that are closer to their expiration date.

Keep Produce Separate

It’s intuitive to keep produce together. However, some fruits, such as bananas and melons, emit gas in the form of ethylene. Exposure can speed up the spoiling process.

Minimize Temperature Fluctuations

Refrigeration units require service and maintenance every three months. Wear and tear in the internal components can cause temperature fluctuations. All food items need a stable temperature environment. Regular upkeep also prolongs the life of an appliance that is practically operating 24/7.

Store Your Food in Our Walk-in Refrigerators

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