Why Does the Common Cold Increase During Winter?

common coldWinter is right around the corner. This is also the time of year when people tend to catch the bug. Why is this? Why does the common cold increase during winter? What can you do about it to prevent the sniffles as the temperatures gradually drop?

An Explanation for the Common Cold Increase in Winter

Contrary to popular belief, the cold weather itself is not what makes you sick. Researchers conducted an experiment where they placed a virus on the nose of test subjects. The participants then entered either a warm and dry chamber or a cold and wet one. Both groups became ill at equal rates.

Scientists aren’t sure of the exact cause, though they have theories. One explanation is that people spend more time indoors during winter. The confined space allows viruses to more easily spread from person to person.

A study at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine also revealed that frigid temperatures allowed viruses to linger in the air for longer periods. Scientists also believe some pathogens thrive more efficiently in cold weather.

How to Combat the Winter Cold

If you’re going to be indoors more often to stave off the cold, then we recommend improving indoor air quality. Be sure your ventilation and air conditioning systems are running optimally to prevent airborne bacteria from circulating.

The same goes for commercial HVAC systems. Viruses in the air can make your employees ill, leading to increased sick leave and decreased productivity. We recommend an inspection as part of a New Year’s Resolution plan.

We Do Installs and Repairs

You don’t have to fall prey to the common cold. Contact All Points Heating for a checkup on your residential or commercial HVAC system. With the common cold increasing in winter, be sure to protect your household or business from airborne viruses.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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