How High Humidity Affects HVAC Performance

high humidity affects HVACWith spring around the corner, you can expect the weather to heat up. This should also mean an uptick in humidity. Too much moisture in the air makes for uncomfortable weather. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, though, high humidity also affects HVAC performance. Spring is the time to start monitoring the air quality of your HVAC system.

How Humidity Impacts HVACs

Part of an air conditioner’s function is to remove moisture from the surrounding air. The higher the humidity the harder the output of the air conditioner to achieve the desired results. Older HVAC systems may not be able to deal with the excess moisture, resulting in subpar air cooling. The same goes for modern systems that operate continually without a filter change or other maintenance work. The same problem also arises if the installer did not properly size the system for the size and type of your home.

The end result? Premature HVAC wear, higher utility bills, and poor air quality.

Is too Much Moisture Ruining Your HVAC?

Only an inspection will reveal the condition of your HVAC. We recommend homeowners watch out for these telltale signs:

  • The air feels abnormally moist and “sticking” to your skin
  • The windows fog up within minutes of the HVAC switching on
  • You smell a damp or musty odor

Dehumidifying the Home

You can help out by removing some of the moisture to take some of the load off the AC. The simplest solution is to add a dehumidifier. This can be a dehumidifier compatible with the AC or a standalone model.

We Install and Maintain ACs

Though humidity peaks in summer, spring also sees a rise after a fairly dry winter. Now is the time for an AC maintenance and repair visit from All Points Heating. High humidity affects HVAC performance if the system does not receive recommended servicing.

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