Why Air Balancing Is Important for HVAC Efficiency

HVAC air balancing, air balancing, air balanceMany homeowners are not familiar with HVAC air balancing. This is an HVAC industry term that residents should acquaint themselves with because it impacts home energy efficiency. In this article you’ll earn how HVAC air balancing optimizes energy output.

What Is HVAC Air Balancing?

Essentially, air balancing is the process of evenly distributing air to every room, even rooms not in use. This applies whether running the air conditioner in the summer or the furnace in winter. Air quality systems normally do a good job at this, though certain factors can impede it. These factors include leaks in the ductwork, dirty filters, poor insulation, and improper thermostat settings.

By balancing the air, HVAC systems work at their peak. For homeowners, this translates to cost-saving energy efficiency.

How to Balance the Air

Many DIY measures are available to help distribute the air correctly. Try these methods:

  • Regularly change HVAC filters. A dirty filter causes the HVAC to work harder to produce its usual output.
  • Try a two-degree off-set if you reside in a two-story home. For example, set the first floor at 76 degrees and the upper floor at 78 degrees.
  • Keep electronics away from the thermostat. Electronic devices emit heat, which can throw off the thermostat’s auto settings.
  • Open the vent register. This seems common sense, but many homeowners overlook this or don’t even know they can adjust the vent registers. You can adjust it the way you adjust the dashboard air vent in a car.
  • Add a second return duct. Air obstruction may be due to a bottleneck on the return side of the duct. An installer can add an additional return duct.

We Restore Air Balance

We optimize air balance for residential quarters and commercial facilities. Give All Points Heating a call if you notice less airflow yet a higher energy bill. This is a strong indicator that air balance is inhibited one way or another.

Residential HVAC Air Balancing

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