Why Is My Second Floor Hotter Than the First Floor?

second floor hotter, second floor temperatureMany homeowners have enquired why their second floor is hotter than the first floor. One reason is that the higher floor has a greater exposure to direct sunlight. However, a faulty HVAC could be another contributing factor. Let’s explore how you can even out the air flow in your home.

1. Check the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner can be faulty in a number of ways. It might simply need a filter change. It could also be too old. Most systems have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. A near end-of-life AC is just not going to perform at the same output as a newer model.

The AC might also be too small for the home. Maybe the original installer did not perform a load calculation or make a correct calculation.

2. Check the Ducts

Air from the AC naturally has to travel further through the ducts to enter the second-floor rooms. More distance travelled means more chances of the air escaping through gaps and openings. You might need to perform an air quality inspection to determine the conditions of the ducts and ventilation system. A pressure test will detect significant leaks.

3. Check the Attic

The attic can trap heat on a stuffy hot day. Since the second floor is closer to the attic, it’s going to absorb the heat that escapes. Worn insulation will allow the heat to penetrate the upper floors. You will need to redo the insulation to provide a strong thermal barrier. You can check with a local roofer to determine the condition of the attic insulation and recommended R-value.

Is Your Second Floor Hotter Than the First Floor?

Give All Points Heating a call if the temperature feels uneven in your multi-story home. The HVAC may be out of kilter. Our repair and service can determine why the second floor is hotter than the first floor.

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