Common Thermostat Problems and Their Impact on Home Cooling

Common thermostat problemsAn abrupt malfunction in your HVAC system can cause alarm. The issue may very well be with the air conditioning or heating unit itself. However, it could also be due to a faulty thermostat. Here’s how to identify common thermostat problems and how they inhibit optimal HVAC operation.

AC Won’t Start or Won’t Turn Off

If the furnace/AC won’t start at all, this may be due to a wiring defect within the thermostat. When the wiring is loose, the thermostat can’t read the room temperatures correctly and may fail to switch on the cooling or heating.

Bad wiring may also lead to the opposite problem, in which the HVAC units won’t switch off. It’s also possible the thermostat is improperly calibrated and sending the wrong instructions to the HVAC system.

Incorrect Temperatures

The room temperature may not match the reading on the thermostat. The issue can be as simple as the thermostat’s not being perfectly level. This can occur if you accidently bump it. Fix the issue by placing a carpenter’s level below it and adjusting the unit’s level.

It’s also possible the thermostat may be in a less than ideal location. Reposition the thermostat if it’s in a position that exposes it to direct sunlight or cold drafts.

The Thermostat Is Blank

If the thermostat’s screen is just blank and unresponsive, the natural reaction is to change the battery. This may very well be the necessary remedy. However, if this fails to do the trick, then the problem may be anything from bad wiring to corrosion buildup. Diagnosis at this point requires a professional.

We Fix Common Thermostat Problems

While you may be able to diagnose some thermostat issues on your own, most require repair service by a professional technician. Call All Points Heating if your home’s HVAC is operating abnormally. The malfunction may be due to a common thermostat problem.

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