Commercial Refrigerator Odor Removal: How to Eliminate Foul Smells

refrigerator odorAfter several years of use, you may notice that the refrigerator for your restaurant or food plant begins to develop unpleasant smells. Commercial refrigerator odor removal is doable and doesn’t necessarily require professional assistance, but it does require time and attention to detail.

What Causes the Odor?

The odor can be attributed to a number of causes. The main culprit is the food itself. Perishable goods like milk can leak and spoil. The odor may also be an indicator that mold and bacteria is growing somewhere inside the unit. Either way, the matter requires your immediate attention.

Empty and Clean

Before you clean, empty the shelves of all consumable items and store them in another temperature-appropriate room. Once everything is safely out of the refrigerator, scrub the walls and floor using a simple solution of soap and water. To enhance this solution’s ability to remove odors add white vinegar and baking soda to the solution. Both are known for their odor-removing properties. Once every area is thoroughly scrubbed, let the unit fully air out before returning the food.

Do not use any cleaners with chemicals. Fumes can linger inside and potentially come into contact with food that you place back inside.

Other Commercial Refrigerator Odor Removal Solutions

It’s also possible that the odor may not be emanating from the inside but from the interior coil. This component is prone to mold and mildew growth. Unplug the fridge and remove the coil cover. Use a combination of water, soap, and bleach to clean the coil while staying clear of electronic parts.

Need to Service Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Aside from regular cleaning, don’t forget that the fridge also requires periodic service and maintenance. Call All Points Heating for store development or upkeep of existing units. Commercial refrigerator odor removal is an important aspect of cleanliness and sanitation.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair and Maintenance

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