5 Startling Facts About Indoor Air Pollution in Shoreline

indoor air pollution whiteTake a full deep breath from the abdomen. It feels refreshing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that air you just breathed may not be as pure as you think. This is especially true of the air in your home. Various reports have yielded hard-to-swallow facts regarding indoor air pollution. We’ll reveal some of these findings and what you can do to purify the air around you.

1. Secondhand Smoke Is a Major Indoor Air Pollutant

You’re not safe from secondhand smoke even if there are no smokers in the home. Smoke from connected buildings can make their way in through ducts and ventilation shafts from air conditioning and HVAC systems. Cigarette smoke contains over 200 known poisons.

2. Seniors Suffer the Most

Estimates suggest that seniors spend an average of 19 to 20 hours a day indoors. This makes them more susceptible to indoor toxins that can affect respiratory health.

3. Your Furniture May Be a Pollutant

Yes, your furniture may actually be emitting chemicals. Furniture made prior to 2006 were found to contain chemicals, such as flame retardant and a carcinogen known as chlorinated tris.

4. Candles Are Another Pollutant

Yep, even candles may be making you sick. Most scented candles contain the carcinogens toluene and benzene. They also contain a hydrocarbon called alkanes, which is found in car exhaust fumes. These pollutants are all released when the candle burns.

5. Indoor Air Can Be 100X Worse Than Outdoor Air

A study by the EPA concluded that indoor air pollution is typically two to five times worse than the air outside. Some residences had 100X more pollution.

What You Can Do for Your Shoreline Home or Business

The surest method is to invest in an indoor air quality system. A sturdy unit can remove natural pollutants and man-made chemicals. Contact All Points Heating for an introduction to duct and duct-free air filtration units. Indoor air pollution can slowly peck away at your health without your ever suspecting anything is wrong.

Stop Indoor Air Pollution in Shoreline with Air Purifying Units

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