Do You Know How to Do HVAC Entry Inspections For Pests in Redmond?

HVAC entry inspections for pests redmondHVAC systems require an undisrupted exchange of indoor and outdoor air to function properly. Regrettably, this also leaves openings for pests, especially mice, to find their way into your home or business. We’ll explain how to do HVAC entry inspections for pests in Redmond.

How Do Pests Enter Through the HVAC System?

Pests like warmth and moisture, so they’re attracted to HVAC openings like ducts and ventilation shafts. HVAC components like the air conditioning condenser cause puddles near the building, which attract mice, rats and other vermin.

Pest-Proof Your HVAC System

Make sure all grates outside your home or business are secured. Fresh air intake vents and exterior air vents can be entry points if they’re cracked or there are holes in their protective screens. Check your attic and crawl space vents; they’re also easier for mice and rats to access if they aren’t properly screened or covered.

Don’t Ignore the Issue

Pests can leave behind droppings or die inside HVAC ducts. This harms air quality and can exacerbate health issues like asthma and other respiratory problems. Pest buildup can also become a health violation for commercial facilities.

We Do HVAC Entry Inspections for Pests in Redmond

Contact us today at All Points Heating for a home or commercial HVAC inspection. When we do routine maintenance, we look for openings where mice or other vermin may be entering. You’ll need to call an exterminator if a pest problem already exists. However, you can rely on us to secure your HVAC from pests.

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