Is Your Home Losing Warm Air Through the Stack Effect?

stack effect bothellWinter is upon us.  Is your furnace in full gear but you’re not feeling its heat?  Common in multi-story homes, this heat-stealing problem is known as the “stack effect.”

What Is the Stack Effect?

A common problem in skyscrapers, the stack effect can also be a problem for two-story residences. It’s a phenomenon that causes warm air to funnel upwards much the same way air exits through a chimney.

The stack effect occurs when the outdoor temperature is much lower than it is indoors. Because cold air is denser than warm air, when it enters the room from the bottom floor, cold air pushes the warm air higher. The warm air then escapes through cracks and other openings. This then creates stronger drafts as more cold air enters the room in the absence of warm air. Your HVAC system has to work harder and your energy bill goes up.

How to Counteract It

What is the solution?  Provide proper insulation. Insulation, which acts as a barrier, prevents warm air from leaking through any openings when it reaches the ceiling. Of key importance is the insulation between the top floor and the attic. If you’ve checked and maintained the insulation in your attic and you feel the heat is still escaping, contact your HVAC technician. Your heating contractor will be able to monitor the heat in your home and determine what is causing the problem. Residences and facilities are also encouraged to update their HVAC systems.

How to Eleminate This Problem in Bothell

Contact All Points Heating to have us look at your air and water systems. The stack effect is a major concern during this time of year. Make adjustments for a cozier and more energy efficient home.

Learn About the Stack Effect & How to Improve Indoor Airflow in Bothell

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