Improve Indoor Air Quality with Ultraviolet Light in Everett

ultraviolet light everettKeeping our homes adequately ventilated is essential for air quality control; it’s one reason we love opening our windows wide in the spring. It’s just one way to chase away indoor pollutants. Other ways include cleaning the home, investing in a portable air purifier, etc. However, many homeowners in Everett don’t know they can also improve indoor air quality with ultraviolet light.

How Ultraviolet Light Purifies Air

The air is full of airborne particles known as bioaerosols. Home interiors, specifically, are vulnerable to fungi, mold, and mildew. So how does UV light factor into this? Not surprisingly, indoor air receives much less exposure to sunlight than the air outside. UV light in a certain wavelength, known as UV-C, will kill bacteria growing indoors by altering its DNA. UV-C light isn’t a recent discovery. It’s used in many industries to purify water and disinfect laboratories.

UV Purification Systems

In conjunction with upgraded ventilation installations, more homes and businesses are installing UV germicidal lights in their air conditioning systems. This device emits UV-C light which kills microbes and sterilizes mold before they have a chance to enter the home. Another device HVAC technicians can install next to the AC coils is a biocide chamber. This device uses UV-C light to kill microbes around the AC coil. Both of these devices are supplements to a healthy functioning air duct system. They’re good additions, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

Improve Everett Indoor Air Quality Today

Good indoor air quality is a health investment. Contact us at All Points Heating today to improve the living quality of your home or store. Improving air quality with ultraviolet light is an excellent way to promote clean, healthy air.

Ultraviolet Light Air Quality Control from the Pros Near Everett

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