How to Reduce Indoor Christmas Tree Allergens in Arlington

Christmas tree allergens arlingtonWe love Christmas trees. They bring out the festive spirit in any home interior. However, fir trees are also notorious for inducing allergies. We’ll explain how to keep a tree in the home while reducing indoor Christmas tree allergens.

How Fir Trees Affect Allergies

The branches and pine needles may contain dust, mold and pollen. The mold is especially a problem. Once you place the tree in an indoor environment, the enclosed space allows the mold to grow.

The sap from the tree may also cause allergies. The terpenes, a compound that produces the fir tree’s signature scent, may also cause coughing fits and irritation in the eyes and skin.

Keeping Christmas Tree Allergens at Bay

You can prevent tree allergens altogether by opting for an artificial tree. Of course, we realize a fake tree just doesn’t cut it for some households. In this case, we recommend several solutions. The first and most important advice is to improve the air quality system of your home. This enhances indoor circulation, preventing tree mold growth.

Before bringing the tree inside, be sure to give it a thorough shake. You can even use a leaf blower, if you have one, to suck up the dust mites and pollen. Some homeowners also use a bleach spray to kill the mold.

We Improve Indoor Air Systems

We can’t eliminate allergens directly from the tree itself. Nevertheless, contact us at All Points Heating for inspecting and cleaning the ducts. Improved air circulation will prevent allergens from settling indoors. Don’t let Christmas tree allergens put a damper on an otherwise festive month.

Christmas Tree Allergens: Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Arlington

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