Considerations for Generator Pad Installation in the Renton Area

Does your company have plans to add a generator? Before installing a generator, you’ll need to install a generator pad. You also have to consider other factors as well, such as airflow, exhaust flow, fuel availability, etc. Before installing a generator, you’ll need to install a generator pad at your Renton home or business.

What Is a Generator Pad?

A generator pad is exactly what it sounds like–a platform that the generator sits on. You can’t simply place a generator on an exterior asphalt surface or an indoor tile floor. The bulky generator requires a pad. The same holds true of backup generators, air and water heating units, and some HVAC systems.

Despite their name, generator pads don’t consist of soft or cushioned surfaces. They’re made from pre-cast concrete. In some brands, the generator comes with the pad pre-installed.

Pad Requirements

If this is your first time installing a generator, the installer can assist you with a pad installation. However, you should have an existing pad if replacing an old generator. Is the existing pad sufficient for the new generator? If not, the installer will just remove the existing pad with the old generator and then install a new pad.

Pads must meet these requirments:

  • The size of the pad versus the size of the soon-to-be-installed generator: The pad should be able to accommodate the generator with a minimum of 6-inches of leftover space on all sides.
  • The thickness of the pad and whether it can support the generator’s weight: The pad must be at least equal to the load of the generator.

We Handle Installations in Their Entirety

You need not worry about the generator pad. We handle every stage of the installation as part of your store development process. Contact All Points Heating if you’re opening or updating a facility in or around Renton. We install generator pads to go with your generator or other bulky equipment. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial Generator Pad Installation for Renton Homes & Businesses

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