Walk-In Freezer Safety Tips for Edmonds Employees

walk-in freezer safety edmondsFor those in the food industry in Edmonds, these walk-in freezer safety tips can help ensure the welfare of employees. Include these in staff training, and you’ll probably also see increased productivity and energy efficiency. Follow these important tips and suggestions.

Inspect Safety Releases

Modern freezer and refrigeration units have safety releases on doors. These important features prevent accidental entrapment and must be checked regularly. The “buddy system” should also be used when employees are entering refrigeration and freezer units.

Cold Mold?

Mold doesn’t die when temperatures drop below 32 degrees; the spores lay dormant. However, mold can thrive in refrigerator temps.  Develop a regular schedule for keeping the interior of the unit clean.

Don’t Overfill

Overloading can cause shelves to collapse, and this is especially dangerous for overhead shelves. In addition, an overfilled freezer is less energy efficient. Keep an eye out for sagging or sloping shelves.

Bundle Up!

Walk-in freezer safety can be easily increased by keeping cold-weather gear next to the freezer entrance.  Jackets and gloves provide comfort, warmth and safety.  Employees will be more likely to take adequate time and care if they aren’t rushing to get out of the cold. Freezer hardhats should also be made available.

Ready to Improve Your Walk-in Freezer Safety in Edmonds?

Employee safety practices for walk-in freezers can help ensure staff welfare and reduce accidents. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ve been providing design, installation, service, and maintenance in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years.  Contact All Points Heating to develop your store and discuss safety practices. Ask about our range of commercial cooling units as well as 24/7 maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration in Edmonds: Walk-In Freezer Safety Tips

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