Improve Indoor Air Quality with Ultraviolet Light in Everett

ultraviolet light everettKeeping our homes adequately ventilated is essential for air quality control; it’s one reason we love opening our windows wide in the spring. It’s just one way to chase away indoor pollutants. Other ways include cleaning the home, investing in a portable air purifier, etc. However, many homeowners in Everett don’t know they can also improve indoor air quality with ultraviolet light.

How Ultraviolet Light Purifies Air

The air is full of airborne particles known as bioaerosols. Home interiors, specifically, are vulnerable to fungi, mold, and mildew. So how does UV light factor into this? Not surprisingly, indoor air receives much less exposure to sunlight than the air outside. UV light in a certain wavelength, known as UV-C, will kill bacteria growing indoors by altering its DNA. UV-C light isn’t a recent discovery. It’s used in many industries to purify water and disinfect laboratories.

UV Purification Systems

In conjunction with upgraded ventilation installations, more homes and businesses are installing UV germicidal lights in their air conditioning systems. This device emits UV-C light which kills microbes and sterilizes mold before they have a chance to enter the home. Another device HVAC technicians can install next to the AC coils is a biocide chamber. This device uses UV-C light to kill microbes around the AC coil. Both of these devices are supplements to a healthy functioning air duct system. They’re good additions, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

Improve Everett Indoor Air Quality Today

Good indoor air quality is a health investment. Contact us at All Points Heating today to improve the living quality of your home or store. Improving air quality with ultraviolet light is an excellent way to promote clean, healthy air.

Ultraviolet Light Air Quality Control from the Pros Near Everett

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Four Preparation Tips for an Outdoor Thanksgiving in Kirkland

outdoor thanksgivingThanksgiving dinner doesn’t always have to take place in the dining room. Why not host an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration for a change? If you optimized your patio for outdoor living, this is a terrific way to bring the family together. Following are some helpful tips.

Prepare for Rain

Rain can ruin any outdoor event. You’ll need a backup plan if Kirkland experiences a downpour on the day of giving thanks. Does your patio have an awning or canopy? If you need to move the event indoors, is the dining room ready to accommodate a crowd?

Keep the Food Warm

The food can quickly cool under chilly outdoor temperatures. Gravy and stuffing just aren’t as tasty when they’re cold. We recommend using catering style chafing dishes. Another idea is to serve the food indoors and then have the guests proceed to the patio. If you keep the food outside, then consider patio curtains. This keeps out the wind and prevents food from cooling too quickly.

Have Ample Lighting

Due to the recent daylight savings time change, you can expect dark to descend around 6:00 pm. We recommend pillar candles, which make great centerpieces for the occasion. Consider a candle with autumn-inspired scent, such as cranberry, pumpkin, or apple cinnamon cider. If you have an outdoor fire pit, this is the occasion to light it up.

Outdoor Thanksgiving BBQ Anyone?

A backyard BBQ doesn’t have to be limited to summer. Cut up the turkey and prepare the meat on a grill or smoker. This gives the meat a hickory flavor that you can’t acquire from using a kitchen oven.

Acquire Commercial-Quality Cookware

Our advice this Thanksgiving is simple: experiment with new recipes and settings. Contact us at All Points Heating to purchase cookware that delivers restaurant-quality taste. An outdoor Thanksgiving creates a novel experience that builds lasting memories.

High-Quality Grills and Smokers for an Outdoor Thanksgiving in Kirkland

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Is Sick Building Syndrome Infecting Your Facility in Woodinville?

sick building syndrome woodinvilleAre you or your employees continuously congested in Woodinville? One possible cause is that sick building syndrome is affecting your indoor facility.

What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick building syndrome occurs when people within a building, or part of a building, fall ill in large groups. Occupants may experience common symptoms associated with the common cold, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Nasal congestion or runny nose
  • Itchy eyes
  • Itchy and reddish skin
  • Sore throat

The Cause

How can a building make people feel sick? This could be due to a number of indoor environmental conditions. Even if the facility appears clean, it’s often what you don’t see that hurts you. Unseen factors include:

  • High indoor humidity.
  • Abnormally high temperatures and stuffiness.
  • Poor indoor air quality due to insufficient ventilation or improperly maintained HVAC. The higher the building occupancy the more the need for adequate ventilation.
  • Chemical residue. Seemingly harmless items, such as paint, glue, ink, and cleaning liquids, can all emit fumes that affect the air.
  • Outdoor chemicals. Fumes from outside can make their way in. This includes emissions from passing vehicles, cigarette smoke, and vapors from e-cigs.
  • Standing water. You may not notice visible pools of water. However, water may still be stagnating in one place or another. This may include, for example, dripping water from a refrigeration unit or weeks-old water from a humidifier’s drain pan.

We Improve Facility Air Quality

When your staff doesn’t feel well, they’re less productive. Contact us at  All Points Heating for a checkup on your commercial HVAC system to see whether it may be the culprit. Our store development places heavy emphasis on a strong HVAC and ventilation system. Sick building syndrome is often a sign these components are not well maintained. We also do checkups on residential HVAC systems.

Sick Building Syndrome: Facility HVAC & Ventilation Maintenance in Woodinville

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Is Your Gas Furnace Leaking Water in Mill Creek? Find Out Why!

furnace leaking mill creekDo you see water or signs of condensation around the base of your furnace in Mill Creek? When it’s working properly, the only sign of water coming from the furnace should be a regular dripping sound. There are many reasons why your furnace might be leaking, such as a condensation leak, a drip or a draining issue. Your home’s gas furnace shouldn’t be leaking water, but if it is, follow the steps below to diagnose and fix the problem.

Furnace Condensation Leak

If you have a high-efficiency furnace in your home or business, the most likely reason for a furnace leak is that condensation isn’t draining properly. You have a high-efficiency furnace if the yellow energy guide tag shows 90% or higher AFUE, or if the vent/flue pipe is white PVC (instead of metal). These high-efficiency furnaces cause condensation because they have cool exhaust. Normally, the condensation should exit your home through a floor drain. The leak could be a result of:

• Clogged condensation tubing

• Breaks in the condensation line

• Clogged condensation drain

• Problems with the condensate pump (if you have one)

If you have a standard-efficiency furnace (with a metal exhaust pipe) that has a condensation leak, your furnace’s flue pipe may be incorrectly sized.

Other Furnace Leaking Issues:

• Secondary Heat Exchanger: If you don’t have a condensation problem, the secondary heat exchanger may be the cause of the furnace’s leak. You’ll need a furnace technician to diagnose and fix this problem, because this may require a completely new furnace.

• Furnace Humidifier Problem: The humidifier could be leaking inside your furnace. As long as you have had the recommended annual HVAC service check, this is unlikely because your technician would have alerted you to the issue. If you haven’t had a tune-up, we suggest you call now because this leak could internally damage your furnace.

• Internal Drain System Clog: Another possibility is that the internal drain system, which sends water to the furnace, is blocked. This would occur if your A/C unit is operating and shares an internal drain with your furnace.

Regular Furnace Maintenance Check-Ups

Most of the risks associated with water damage can be minimized if you’re proactive and schedule regular preventative maintenance for your furnace.

Leaks can cause big problems if left alone, such as damaging parts, walls and flooring, which can also lead to mold growth. All Points Heating’s skilled technicians can help diagnose, repair or install furnaces. We also specialize in air quality systems, stove systems, BBQs & outdoor living areas, fireplaces, and home power generators. Contact us today, and don’t forget to check out our special online offers! Our 24/7 repair service ensures that you won’t be on your own in an HVAC crisis.

Help with Gas Furnace Leaking Issues in Mill Creek

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Is Your Marysville Air Conditioner Short Cycling?

air conditioner short cycling, AC short cyclingWith summer comes higher air conditioner use. This puts stress on the HVAC system, especially if it isn’t an energy-efficient model. This also leaves the system prone to air conditioner short cycling. We’ll explain what this is and how it can damage the AC unit.

AC Short Cycling at a Glance

You may notice the AC automatically turns on and off. This is normal and allows the system to adjust and maintain the optimal temperature. However, short cycling is when the on and off cycles occur far more often than normal. This puts wear and tear on the system, and it decreases energy efficiency. You’ll eventually have to turn the setting higher just to have the same cooling effect.

What Causes It?

Numerous factors can lead to short cycling. One common cause is an ill-fitting air conditioning system. If the AC unit is too large for your home, the interior will cool too quickly. This causes the system to constantly readjust and create temperature swings.

Another cause is a clogged air filter. When the filter is dirty, the AC has to work harder to compensate for the reduced airflow. This places undue stress on the compressor and blower motor. Checking the filter is a fairly simple DIY process. If the problem persists after replacing or cleaning the filter, you have a more serious issue at hand.

You may also have an issue with the evaporator coils. When ice forms around the coils, it causes a domino effect of problems that forces the AC to short cycle.

We Put a Stop to AC Short Cycling in Marysville

If you notice your AC constantly stopping and restarting, then it may be short cycling. Contact us at All Points Heating to determine the cause. If the air conditioner is short cycling, the system has underlying issues that require professional repairs.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioner Short Cycling Repairs for Marysville

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Protecting Your AC Unit from Rain in Marysville

protect AC from the rain marysvilleWe in the Pacific Northwest have a love/hate relationship with the rain. We love how green the rain keeps everything but there are a few things we hate about it. One of those things is the challenge we have keeping outdoor appliances functioning properly with all that rain. While manufacturers design residential AC units to withstand water exposure, heavy rain combined with wind can cause damage. We’ll explain how you can protect your AC unit from the rain in Marysville.

How Does Rain Affect Air Conditioners?

AC units have sealed electrical components that shield the circuitry from rain. If rain is accompanied by strong gusts of wind, debris can become lodged in the system. And when an AC system is installed at ground level, a heavy rain can cause the unit to flood. 

How Can You Protect Your A/C Unit?

The quickest and easiest solution is to invest in a rain guard. This tool is a simple add-on that protects any part of the system that partially or completely protrudes outdoors. Although this is a simple idea, trying to DIY one is harder than you might think. We have seen our fair share of these failed DIY cover guards that have done more harm than good. These may also void the system’s warranty. If condensation builds up inside the system, you may end up with rusted metal and rot in the wiring. 

We’ll Protect Your AC from the Rain in Marysville

AC units are sturdy, but they’re not indestructible. Call All Points Heating to safeguard your residential or commercial AC or HVAC system from the rain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Experts at Protecting AC Systems from the Rain in Marysville

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How High Humidity Affects HVAC Performance in Mercer Island

high humidity affects HVAC mercer islandWarmer weather in the Northwest is always accompanied by higher humidity. More moisture in the air does more than make us uncomfortable; high humidity also affects HVAC performance in Mercer Island homes and businesses.

How Humidity Impacts HVACs

Part of your air conditioner’s job is removing moisture from the surrounding air. The higher the humidity, the harder the air conditioner has to work to achieve the same results. Older HVAC systems may not be able to deal with the excess moisture, resulting in subpar air cooling. The same is true for new systems which aren’t maintained properly. The end result? HVAC systems wear out faster, utility bills are higher than they need to be and air quality is less than optimal.

But How Can You Tell?

How do you know whether your HVAC is experiencing humidity overload? We recommend homeowners and businesses watch out for these telltale signs:

  • The air feels abnormally moist and feels like it’s “sticking” to your skin
  • The windows fog up within minutes of the HVAC switching on
  • You smell a damp or musty odor

How to Dehumidify Your Home 

Start by removing some of the moisture to take some of the load off the AC. The simplest solution is to add a dehumidifier. This can be a dehumidifier compatible with the AC or a standalone model.

Worried How High Humidity Affects the HVAC in Your Mercer Island Home?

Though humidity peaks in summer, spring also sees a rise after a fairly dry winter. Now is the time for an AC maintenance and repair visit from All Points Heating. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We Help When High Humidity Affects the HVAC in Mercer Island 

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What NOT to Burn in Your Outdoor Fire Pit in Everett

what not to burn EverettIf you’ve recently added an outdoor fire pit to your outdoor living space, congratulations! It will provide years of enjoyment for you, your family and friends. As you enjoy the warmth and ambience, it’s important to keep in mind a few important items, namely, what not to burn in Everett.

This May Surprise You

If you’re like me, you thought the fire pit could be used to burn anything that COULD burn. Surprisingly, paper, trash, or anything manmade releases carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and a number of other toxic chemicals into the environment when burned.

Environmentally-Unfriendly Wood

Even treated wood, including pallets or any wooden materials used in industrial applications, release toxins when burned. These often contain the toxic chemical methyl bromide.

Particle board is another wood product to keep out of the fire. It’s a type of engineered wood that contains adhesives for bonding the wood fibers together. Some adhesives contain formaldehyde, a chemical found in tobacco.

What SHOULD You Burn in Your Fire Pit?

Be selective with the type of wood you burn. If you burn uncured wood, the fire loses most of its heat trying to remove the moisture. Using cured wood is more effective because it contains less moisture.

When you Need to Know What Not to Burn in Everett

Not only can we help you with questions about what to burn in your fire pit, we can also install it. We’re experts at installing indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Contact us today at All Points Heating for installation or repairs of an existing system.

Your Experts on What Not to Burn in Your Outdoor Firepit in Everett

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Humidifier Improves Indoor Air Quality in Lynnwood

humidifier lynnwoodDid you know lower humidity improves indoor air quality, but higher humidity is healthier for throat and nasal passages? It’s important to find a balance for your home and family—not too damp or too dry. Using a humidifier can improve your indoor air quality in Lynnwood.

Low Humidity Leads to Low Allergen Production

If you or members or your household suffer from allergies, it’s important to know than many allergens can’t survive in an environment with low humidity. Mold and dust mites thrive in higher temperatures and higher humidity, around 70 to 80 percent.

Higher Humidity Relieves Congestion, Inflammation, and Eczema

On the flip side, low humidity can exaccerbate some allergies because it irritates nasal passageways. Those with asthma also suffer more in dry air. Air with higher moisture relieves these symptoms. Higher humidity levels may also help during the cold and flu season, especially for children who are too young for over-the-counter medicines. A vaporizer or warm-mist humidifier both help with coughing and congestion.

Balance Your Air with a Humidifier

When the air is dry, especially during the winter months, humidiers can help you achieve the best humidity level for you home, and relieve many allergy and nasals issues some of us face.

For advice about your home or business’ current HVAC system, give our professionals at All Points Heating & HORECO a call. Our dedicated team are experts in a range of home improvement areas, such as air conditioning, home power systems, home grills, and indoor freestanding stoves. Contact us today to find your home’s optimal humidity level.

Finding the Perfect Humidifier for Lynnwood Homes

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Walk-In Freezer Safety Tips for Edmonds Employees

walk-in freezer safety edmondsFor those in the food industry in Edmonds, these walk-in freezer safety tips can help ensure the welfare of employees. Include these in staff training, and you will probably also see increased productivity and energy efficiency. Follow these important tips and suggestions.

Inspect Safety Releases

Modern freezer and refrigeration units have safety releases on doors. These important features prevent accidental entrapment and must be checked regularly. The “buddy system” should also be used when employees are entering refrigeration and freezer units.

Cold Mold?

Mold doesn’t die when temperatures drop below 32 degrees; the spores lay dormant. However, mold can thrive in refrigerator temps.  Develop a regular schedule for keeping the interior of the unit clean.

Don’t Overfill

Overloading can cause shelves to collapse, and this is especially dangerous for overhead shelves. In addition, an overfilled freezer is less energy efficient. Keep an eye out for sagging or sloping shelves.

Bundle Up!

Walk-in freezer safety can be easily increased by keeping cold-weather gear next to the freezer entrance.  Jackets and gloves provide comfort, warmth, and safety.  Employees will be more likely to take adequate time and care if they aren’t rushing to get out of the cold. Freezer hardhats should be made available, also.

Ready to Improve Your Workplace Safety in Edmonds?

Employee safety practices for walk-in freezers can help ensure staff welfare and reduce accidents. Contact us today for a free consultation.  We’ve been providing design, installation, service, and maintenance in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years.  Contact All Points Heating to develop your store and discuss safety practices. Ask about our range of commercial cooling units as well as 24/7 maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration in Edmonds: Walk-In Freezer Safety Tips

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