Tried and True Tips for Winter Grilling in Seattle

winter grilling seattleWinter grilling is all about keeping the chill away, so choose recipes that are warm and comforting. Consider using spicy marinades on your meat and side dishes that rev up the heat. Follow our guidelines for a great grilling experience this holiday season.

Winter Grilling Preparation in Seattle

Identify the direction the wind is coming from and reposition the grill against the house or a physical structure to keep out the gusts. Wind is the biggest enemy of heat retention. Also, barbeques go through more fuel in cold weather, so be sure to have extra fuel on hand. Have pre-warmed ceramic plates or a cast iron pan ready for your cooked meat; your meat will retain its heat best this way.

While You’re Grilling

Be sure your grill is fully preheated.  However long you normally give it to warm up, tack on an extra five minutes for winter grilling. As your meal cooks, it’s tempting to open the grill cover. Resist the urge to peak! Opening the cover will cause heat to escape and bring down the grill’s temperature. Once the timer is set, trust the grill to do its job.

We Have the Top Grills in Stock

Grills make an ideal Christmas gift. Contact All Points Heating & HORECO for a selection of grills and smokers, many of which are used by our residential and commercial clients. We also specialize in installation and service of air and water heating systems  and air conditioning systems. Visit our showroom, and don’t forget to check out our special online offers! Contact us today for more information.

Latest Model Grills, BBQs, and Smokers for Winter Grilling in Seattle

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Enhance Your Fireplace with Fire Glass in Mukilteo

fire glass mukilteoWith winter and the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to put your fireplace to good use. Whether you’re using a traditional gas fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, consider enhancing the warmth and appeal with the use of fire glass.

What Is Fire Glass?

Fire glass was introduced in the mid-2000s and has since become a home trend. This product is made from small bits of tempered glass. It has a crystal and ice-like appearance. Its use serves a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Fire glass was created as an alternative to ceramic gas logs. The glass increases heat radiation by up to 400%. The extra heat retention allows you to cut back on gas use, thereby conserving energy.

Why People Choose It

Aesthetically, the glass looks absolutely stunning when the fireplace is in use. Unlike ceramic gas logs, it doesn’t kill the natural look of a flickering flame. It also obscures the appearance of gas jets. With the fire burning, the glass radiates a sparkly shine.

The glass also comes in various shapes and colors. Stick with a single style or mix and match to create a look that complements nicely with your fireplace or fire pit.

How to Use It

Fire glass is easy to use. Just pour the glass evenly over the fireplace or stove and turn on the gas. The glass is environmentally safe and doesn’t produce soot or ashes. It also lasts a lifetime and can tolerate extreme heat.

Have a Fireplace or Firepit Installed with Fire Glass in Mukilteo

Of course, you need a fireplace or pit in order to make good use of the glass. Contact All Points Heating & HORECO to have one installed in time for the holidays. This will greatly improve the home interior or enhance outdoor living if adding a patio fire pit. You’ll have a fire that is equally beautiful and functional.

Fire Glass and Fireplace Experts in Mukilteo

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5 Startling Facts About Indoor Air Pollution in Shoreline

indoor air pollution whiteTake a full deep breath from the abdomen. It feels refreshing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that air you just breathed may not be as pure as you think. This is especially true of the air in your home. Various reports have yielded hard-to-swallow facts regarding indoor air pollution. We’ll reveal some of these findings and what you can do to purify the air around you.

1. Secondhand Smoke Is a Major Indoor Air Pollutant

You’re not safe from secondhand smoke even if there are no smokers in the home. Smoke from connected buildings can make their way in through ducts and ventilation shafts from air conditioning and HVAC systems. Cigarette smoke contains over 200 known poisons.

2. Seniors Suffer the Most

Estimates suggest that seniors spend an average of 19 to 20 hours a day indoors. This makes them more susceptible to indoor toxins that can affect respiratory health.

3. Your Furniture May Be a Pollutant

Yes, your furniture may actually be emitting chemicals. Furniture made prior to 2006 were found to contain chemicals, such as flame retardant and a carcinogen known as chlorinated tris.

4. Candles Are Another Pollutant

Yep, even candles may be making you sick. Most scented candles contain the carcinogens toluene and benzene. They also contain a hydrocarbon called alkanes, which is found in car exhaust fumes. These pollutants are all released when the candle burns.

5. Indoor Air Can Be 100X Worse Than Outdoor Air

A study by the EPA concluded that indoor air pollution is typically two to five times worse than the air outside. Some residences had 100X more pollution.

What You Can Do for Your Shoreline Home or Business

The surest method is to invest in an indoor air quality system. A sturdy unit can remove natural pollutants and man-made chemicals. Contact All Points Heating for an introduction to duct and duct-free air filtration units. Indoor air pollution can slowly peck away at your health without your ever suspecting anything is wrong.

Stop Indoor Air Pollution in Shoreline with Air Purifying Units

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The Best Walk-In Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas for Bellevue Businesses

Walk-in Refrigerator Food Storage BellevueThe food industry is required to abide by very strict guidelines regarding food storage. To ensure you’re following regulations and minimizing food waste in Bellevue, follow these best practices for walk-in refrigerator food storage.

Keep Meats Separate

Meats, including poultry and fish, are susceptible to bacteria growth. This is why they should be kept separate from other perishables. Meats should also be placed on the lowest shelves. When meat is thawing, some of the juice from the meat may thaw and melt. Placement on an upper shelf can cause the liquid to drip down onto the food below, thus causing cross contamination.

Shelving, Expiration and Produce Tips

All shelving inside a refrigeration unit should be at least six inches off the floor. This protects the items on the lowest shelves from dirt and pests. Many restaurants follow the “first in, first out” rule. Make a habit to place older items closer to the entrance. This allows employees to quickly retrieve items that are closer to their expiration date. It’s intuitive to keep produce together. However, some fruits, such as bananas and melons, emit gas in the form of ethylene. Exposure can speed up the spoiling process.

Minimize Temperature Fluctuations

Refrigeration units require service and maintenance every three months. Wear and tear in the internal components can cause temperature fluctuations. All food items need a stable temperature environment. Regular upkeep also prolongs the life of an appliance that is operating 24/7.

Store Your Food in Our Walk-in Refrigerator Food Storage

Does your business sell or serve food in any capacity?  Contact All Points Heating; we specialize in various aspects of store development for various industries across Bellevue. Store food in a walk-in refrigerator the smart way to prolong freshness and stave off bacteria.

Walk-in Refrigerator Food Storage for Bellevue Businesses

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Portable vs Standby Generators in Mukilteo: What’s the Difference?

standby generators MukilteoBlackouts do occur in the Mukilteo area from time to time. This can be debilitating for businesses and residences if the power outage lasts for several hours. This is why some people are investing in commercial and home power systems. There are two types of systems; we’ll explain the difference in a portable vs standby generators comparison.

Standby Generators Explained

A standby generator is installed to your home’s natural gas line and starts automatically within 30 seconds of an outage. These generators are permanently situated outside the home and can supply power to all major appliances and air conditioning systems. Standby generators last for about 15 years and require maintenance every two years by a repair and service company. These generators  add value to your property should you ever decide to sell your home.  We strongly recommend standby generators for households with senior occupants who rely on any form of electrically run medical equipment. Having one ensures uninterrupted operation of vital medical devices when the neighborhood goes dark.

Portable Generators–Pros and Cons

Portable generators, as the name implies, are portable and can be kept in the garage when not in use. They’re much more affordable, costing around $1,000 for a decent model. However, these generators require manual operation. They must also be kept at least 10 feet from the home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, most portable generators are unable to power large appliances and HVAC systems.

We Supply and Install Standby Generators in Mukilteo

Call All Points Heating to install a backup generator. With this investment, you’ll never have to rely on candles again in a blackout. Both standby and portable generators are viable solutions, depending on your circumstances. though the former is much more convenient with its hands-off operation.

Standby Generators for Mukilteo Homes

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5 HVAC Tips to Save Money on Summer Electricity Bill in Renton

Summer electricity billThe fireplace and furnace are beginning to gather dust and the grilling season is going strong. You may have noticed that when the temperature rises in the spring and summer, so does your summer electricity bill. Air conditioning units are the main culprits of the spike in energy use. With the following tips you’ll be able to stay cool in the heat while keeping energy costs down in Renton.

Replace your Air Filters

Air filters should be changed monthly to continue effective system performance. A dirty air conditioner can reduce air flow, which forces the unit to use more energy in order to pump cool air throughout your home. Dirty air filters can also be a health concern.

Replace Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it’s time to invest in a newer and more energy-efficient model. Many of the Carrier Residential air quality systems have Energy Star ratings, which can use up to 50 percent less energy than other systems.

Keep your Window Blinds Drawn

Windows, especially those that let a lot of sunlight in, work against your air conditioning unit and can turn your home into a stove. To maintain a lower temperature in your home, purchase and install blinds or curtains for the windows that get the most sun. This will block much of the heat coming from the sunlight.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to control your HVAC unit, even if you aren’t home. Match your thermostat to your schedule by setting a lower temperature while you’re at home and a higher temperature when you’re at work or on vacation. Also, keep in mind that the lower you set your thermostat temperature, the harder the air conditioning unit must work. Many people choose to keep their HVAC around 72 degrees during the summer, but you may find that 78 degrees is just low enough to keep you cool.

Think about gravity

Remember, heat rises. During the summer months, the hot air in your home will rise to the ceiling or second story. A fan can be an excellent way to help circulate the warm air. Both ceiling fans and standing fans will help maintain a cooler environment. This will also help your home maintain an even temperature and help your air conditioning unit work less.

Efficient Help With Your Summer Electricity Bill in Renton

As the weather heats up, following these tips will ensure energy-efficiency and comfort in your home. This means saving you money that could be used on an outdoor living area remodel or a new BBQ. Whatever your plans are for your home this summer, our experts at All Points Heating & Cooling can assist you with everything from a new HVAC or home power generator system to 24/7 maintenance and repairs. We strive to be your top choice in both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

Don’t suffer through the summer without an air conditioning unit- contact us today!

Summer Electricity Bill-Saving Tips for Renton

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Zero-Clearance Fireplace vs. Fireplace Insert

zero-clearance fireplaceThe choice between a fireplace insert and zero-clearance fireplace depends on your home’s needs. Both choices provide improved energy efficiency, versatility and many fuel options, but there are a few key differences between zero-clearance and insert fireplaces. 

Advantages of Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

Zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-fabricated fireplaces that are safe to install within inches of combustible materials like wood, sheet rock or paneling. This type of fireplace is suitable for all houses, including mobile homes. It’s an ideal option for homes that don’t already have a fireplace. They’re seven times more efficient than a masonry fireplace and are designed to fit into a small space. Fuel options for a zero-clearance fireplace include wood, pellets or gas, and many design options are available.

Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert is placed directly inside your existing masonry or metal fireplace. One big difference between a masonry fireplace and a fireplace insert is that the insert comes with insulated glass doors that radiate heat into the room and increase heat efficiency. The fuel options for fireplace inserts are natural gas, propane, pellet, coal and wood. This choice will depend on the home’s size and your preference. Fireplace inserts also offer extra features, such as a fan or a thermostatic insert, which uses a remote control to regulate the fire. 

Zero-Clearance vs. Fireplace Insert – Which is Best for You?

Both zero-clearance fireplaces and fireplace inserts are excellent home heating options. They’re both energy efficient and low maintenance options. If you have an old fireplace you want to improve, consider an insert. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace already, a zero-clearance fireplace is likely the best option.

All Points Heating & Fireplace

All Points Heating’s skilled technicians can help you choose, install and maintain your fireplace. We also specialize in air & water heating, air conditioning, air quality, and stove systems, as well as BBQ s & outdoor living, and home power generators. We provide 24/7 service & maintenance as well. So give us a call or email today for all your heating and cooling needs, and don’t forget to check out our special online offers!

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces and Fireplace Inserts for Homes in Arlington

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Tips for Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer


With the weather warming up and the smell of BBQ in the air, it’s time to get your air conditioner ready for summer. During the winter months while the heat is on, your air conditioner can collect debris. It’s important to know how to care for your A/C unit so you won’t be left without air conditioning during the first hot days of the year. Here’s how to ensure energy efficiency and reliability from your air conditioning unit.

Always Clean or Change the Air Filter

This is easy and really important. After a cold winter, it’s likely your indoor filter has gathered a lot of debris and dust. If your A/C unit has a reusable air filter, be sure to clean it—this can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 15%. It’s best to clean or change air filters twice a year to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. This also improves the air quality in your home.

Check for Debris & Other Hazards

First, if you covered the outdoor coil for protection during the winter months, remove the cover before starting the system. Keeping the cover on when the A/C is on could severely damage your air conditioning system. Next, remove debris from the outdoor coil by using a vacuum and rag to clean the fan blades. 

As You Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer, Be Sure to Clean the Condensing Coils

Inside the A/C’s metal box, there’s a large fan that moves air across the radiator-style condenser coils. Anything that obstructs air flow will inhibit the condenser’s efficiency, so we suggest coils be cleaned at the start of summer. While you can do this yourself, we recommend having a professional assist you to properly clean the condensing coils so there’s no permanent damage inflicted on the air conditioning unit.

Finally, Check Coolant Lines and Test the Unit

Check for frayed or missing insulation on the coolant lines. Typically, foam insulation covers the refrigerant pipes that run from the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside. To replace them, you can install foam insulation sleeves or you can spiral-wrap the lines with insulation tape.  After completing these steps, allow the unit to dry completely. Then, turn the home power to the condenser back on and switch the thermostat to “Cool”. If your A/C unit still isn’t working properly after these steps, give us a call—we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

All Points Heating & Cooling

With a bit of preparation, your air conditioning unit will be in tip-top shape when the you’re ready to turn off the heat for the spring and summer months. Follow the steps above for your home or business and improve the efficiency and safety of your A/C unit. The All Points Heating team members are experts in A/C maintenance and can help you through each step of this essential process—call us today!

Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer in the Seattle Area

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What Does a Heat Pump Do?

All Points HeatingPump Repairs and Installation in Mukilteo

A heat pump is a cost-effective and energy-efficient option for heating and/or cooling your home. It’s ideal for moderate climates like the weather in the Pacific Northwest. But what does it really do?

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

In short, a heat pump transfers warm air from one place to another. During winter, the warm air outdoors is transferred from outside to inside your home. In summer, the transfer occurs in reverse, expelling warm air from inside the house to the outside. Heat pumps are made of two components: an outdoor heat pump unit and an indoor air handler piece.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

A pump is safer than a furnace because it’s flameless, eliminating fire and carbon monoxide poisoning risks. They’re also extremely energy-efficient, creating nearly twice the energy in heat from the energy used, making them an innovative green technology solution. They also act as excellent air filtration and purifiers, removing harmful allergens and toxins from the air. Continue Reading →

Design Considerations for an L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen, exterior kitchenSpring will be here in a few more weeks. Now is the time to prep or even fully renovate your outdoor living space. An exterior kitchen is a noteworthy investment, particularly if you enjoy barbecuing and inviting guests over. An L-shaped outdoor kitchen is one design style to consider.

Why an L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen?

The L-shaped kitchen design has long been in use and favored by homeowners for its simplicity. Furthermore, it’s also efficient because it establishes a kitchen work triangle. That is, primary components like the fridge, stove, and sink are all within easy reach of one another. The entire kitchen can be confined to the L-shape positioned within a section of the patio perimeter. This leaves the rest of the area free as a social space.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the design ideas.

Warm and Rustic

Most outdoor appliances like grills and smokers have stainless steel finishes to prevent rust and corrosion. However, the steel can also invoke an industrial feel. Fortunately, this can easily be offset in an outdoor decorating elements. Use décor consisting of plants or items with a deep wood finish. Adding plenty of bright accent colors helps as well.


You can also create balance and contrast from the stainless-steel appliances by selecting a stone countertop. Other choices include granite, wood, or other natural materials.

Rooftop Addition

Envelope the outdoor kitchen with a patio rooftop. Aside from protection from the elements, it also gives a sense of peace to the space. We use the term “rooftop” loosely here. It can be a permanent structure or a simple large fabric awning.

We Install Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

This is the ideal time of year to contact All Points Heating for major renovations both outdoors and indoors. The latter can consist of fireplaces, stoves, and other amenities. An L-shaped outdoor kitchen is not only functional but also visually pleasing.

Residential Outdoor Accessories

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